A Sneak Peak at the ICM Certification Program

We thought that it was only fair to give you a sneak peak of what we’ve been working on for 2018. 

Here’s a brief outline of what the ICM Certification Program will entail:

  • Module 1: Introduction to mTBI for a metabolic, endocrine and functional medicine practitioner
  • Module 2: Advanced pathophysiology of mTBI
  • Module 3: Integrative model of mTBI care
  • Module 4: Clinical assessments
  • Module 5: Nutrition for concussion recovery
  • Module 6: Advanced supplementation
  • Module 7: Neuro-endocrinology
  • Module 8: Clinical approaches and strategies

That’s all that we can share for now…but as soon as we have sign-up details and timelines, we’ll be sure to let our mailing list know (so make sure you are signed up!).


The ICM Team

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